Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In Case You Forgot Who Invented Cleveland

This "tourism" video has been making its rounds (around?) the Interwebs. I found it here, for example, at Kansas City Star sportswriter Joe Posnanski's wonderful blog of Curiously Long Posts. A good go-to site, as it happens, for all kinds of minuitae on Cleveland. You may have found it elsewhere.

The vid toys with the Cleveland-as-armpit-of-the-Midwest idea by panning through much of the gloom and ick the city has to offer and setting a soundtrack to it. A very literal soundtrack. It reminded me of those jokes that never seem to die among close friends. The kind of jokes that, when heard by outsiders, would sound unduly harsh but are softened by proxy of being on the inside.

I imagine Clevelanders have warmed to this video. Or, they enjoy the fact that no matter how bleak Cleveland gets, it isn't Detroit.

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